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Brains2B is an ICT company dedicated to software design, software components and the modernization of legacy application. We also provide consultancy on software development, component selection and the use of open source software. For a complete description of our services, please look at our service page. Some background is provided on the profile page

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Software Design

NL's popular programming languages (PTI) retired

Unfortunatly we had to make the decision to stop with the popular programming index. The sources we used got less and less reliable in their representation of the number of query results and we could not find suitable replacements. We rather give no information than unreliable information. If we can find a way to get a reliable measure of the interest in programming lanugages PTI might return.

After the success of the Powerhouse-to-Java conversion Brains2B is working on new languages to convert: Oracle Forms and Ms Access will also be convertable to Java. We are also in the process of finalizing a complete web based solution based on JSF to which applications can be converted. By combining these bricks we can deliver the tools needed for your particular legacy problem. At the moment we are finalizing the testing and promotion materials. We will bring you more information shortly.