StrongHold v1.2

This new release of StrongHold has a modular structure catering for multiple input and output languages. See for more information StrongHold bricks

StrongHold releases conversie tools

StrongHold v1.10

In this StrongHold release you have the option to run your application on an Application server. Click here to find out more on this.

Next to the application server option the following changes are noteworthy:

  • Most of the open source code which has been used in StrongHold has been upgraded. Some bugs were fixed, code optimized and sometimes replaced by functionality now default available in Java.
  • All used keyboard equivalents are now fully customizable to fit the needs of specific clients.
  • The way the application fills tables on screen has been drastically modified. This makes for quicker tables and better updating.

Information on individual fixed bugs in StrongHold can be found in Track
Access to track requires a log-in. StrongHold specific bugs are only accessible to StrongHold clients